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Our Exhibition & Conferences Help Support Business Growth

Join our B2B expos and meet professionals and local businesses to connect, exchange ideas, and foster new relationships.

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Helping Businesses Grow through our Business Growth Exhibition and Conferences

Our Growth Exhibitions and Conferences offer businesses a great opportunity to connect and grow. We bring together a diverse range of guest speakers, each offering unique insights and expertise in their respective fields. 

Our shows are open to all businesses and give visitors also have the opportunity to expand their network and forge valuable connections with exhibitors and suppliers. Whether you’re looking for new business opportunities or simply seeking inspiration, our events provide the ideal platform for business growth.









Helping Business Grow is at heart of everything we do.​

Visitors have the opportunity to explore new ideas, learn from the our speakers and engage with our our exhibitor suppliers to gain new suppliers and find out what the latest trends are. Visitors can register for FREE.
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Featured Speakers

Phil Oldershaw - Radio Presentor

- Conference Host

Hifsa O'Kelly, Paddle & Cooks LLP

Law & HR Panel

Tabitha Penny, AdSmart from Sky

– Keynote Speaker

Emma Eirene, The Joyist Misfit

– Women in Business

Paul Harris, Coacto

– IT & Technology

Our aim

The Business Growth Network (BGN) allows fast-growing businesses to connect through its network. The shows are a combination of all events we run throughout the year to help maximise business growth.

SMEs are the backbone of the country’s growth. Our campaign, ‘BackBusines’ is helping put the GREAT back into BRITAIN. Small businesses are the backbone of this great nation.